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Moody Cow shop essentials

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
We have been in detailed discussions with our suppliers and local growers and Jake Simpson from Chicory Crops and I thought this would be a good time to share our ideas about how community shop essentials will work.

I am sure you will appreciate that this is a learning process for us and as we work through it together we will figure it out, learn from our mistakes and support each other.

The principle is that we use this news channel to publish a list of goods available starting tomorrow at 09.00, you will decide what items and the quantities you would like to order, you will need to do this by 11.00am if you want your order to be ready to collect the following day.

We will email back an order confirmation, this will be subject to the goods you requested being available, please remember to include your telephone number, address including post code and if you would like us to deliver, any other details that will help us to find you. We will follow this up with a phone call and process payment by credit/debit card.We will confirm a five minute pick up slot or schedule a free delivery within a two mile radius if you are unable to collect.

It is important that you collect your order at the time allocated and that you observe current government guidance on social distancing.  Only one customer at a time will be able to collect and we would request that you wait in your car until invited.

The order confirmation and your copy of the card transaction will be placed in an envelope with your order.

The idea is that when you make your next collection you return the box that you used last time so that we can sanitize it for the next use.

The range will be very modest to start with and our suppliers are also dealing with this crisis, so we will only receive deliveries of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy goods on Thursday and Friday, but together I hope that we can keep you supplied with the things you need once a week so that you can play your part in protecting you and others from the spread of the virus and  supporting those near you who don't have access to email or are unable to make card payments over the phone.

If the demand is there we will extend the range of goods to include heat at home dishes, prepared vegetables and of course locally grown fruit and vegetables as they come into season.

Lets work through this together

What we are doing now

Saturday, March 21, 2020
We are working hard to adapt to the fast changing landscape, this week we launched our takeaway menu and it is amazing how well it has been received, so now we have introduced some new dishes for lunchtime and launched a takeaway Sunday lunch service too,

We can deliver to you, free of charge for orders above £30 within three miles of the Moody Cow, or further if you accept an additional charge of £1 per mile over three miles.

Next week we will launch Moody Cow shop essentials and essentials plus
We intend to stock the groceries that you need and other essentials such as toiletries, we will also have a selection of prepared vegetables and prepared packs for casseroles, stews, stir fry and soups ready for you to cook at home, this should save you time and make life a little easier if you are feeling under the weather.

If you are living in our community and self isolating we will bring you what you need and provide any other assistance we can. The village has set up a WhatsApp group for those in the village to request assistance.

If you are collecting a takeaway or picking up shopping it is vital that you observe current guidance on social distancing, you will be asked to sanitize your hands, we will check you are not holding a fever and keep a minimum of two meters between you and the nearest person to you. If you have had contact with anyone infected with COVID-19 please do not come to the Moody Cow, instead ask us for contact less delivery.

If you are 70 or over, have underlying health issues or are in the later stages of pregnancy please don't come to the Moody Cow, instead ask about contact less delivery.

Only one person will be allowed in the building at a time and please respect our safety be keeping 2 meters between us.

I knew all along that we had a fantastic team and super supportive customers, the events of the last few days made me realise that I had underestimated you, you are so much better than I ever imagined.

Please stay safe, look after yourself be kind and thoughtful to those nearby, thank you and good luck

Business, not quite as usual!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020
We promised that we would share our plan to work through the current crisis.

From this evening we will be offering a selection of our dishes on a take away basis, you can either call by to collect or we will deliver to you if you are unable to leave the house, each dish will be made with the same care and attention to detail that we have earned a reputation for.

These dishes will be available from Wednesday to Saturday evenings from 6.00pm to 9.00pm. and you can see the menu on the food page of our website.

If you are further afield and miss our famous barbeque pork spare ribs we can send them by post so that you can enjoy them at home, there are other items for sale in our online shop too.

If you are a Moody Cow Club Card holder you will be entitled to a 10% discount and we are offering a number of other "treats" that are refreshed every month, if you fancy joining the Moody Cow Club you can purchase your card on line and we will post it to you, once you receive it you can start using it straight away. We hope that this offer will be taken up by those in our community that are vulnerable and need to protect themselves from the risk of becoming ill.

As long as we are able we will be operating to new opening hours, from Friday lunchtime through Sunday lunchtime, in addition to our existing industry leading standards of hygiene we have taken some additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests and our team.

Every table will be a minimum of 2M apart, we can also offer al fresco private dining for up to six in the gazebo which has a wood burning stove and we can offer a table for four in the grain store which also is equipped with a wood burning stove.

If you are in a vulnerable category we would encourage to to follow the current Government guidance and stay at home and of course, if you are suffering with any of the symptoms associated with Coronavirus COVID-19 then please postpone your visit. All visitors will be expected to sanitize their hands before entering the premises.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and our amazing team for their unstoppable energy. we have a couple of other plans up our sleeves.

We will continue to keep you posted as this story unfolds

Coronavirus Covid-19 update #2

Tuesday, March 17, 2020
The direction from Government announced yesterday evening has very significant implications for the Moody Cow, our team, our guests and of course the entire hospitality sector.

As you can imagine, a significant number of guests who had made bookings for the coming weeks have decided to postpone or cancel their booking most usually because a member of their party is in a vulnerable group either due to their age or an underlying health issue, we all totally understand this, it is vital that we do all that we can to protect those most at risk from this infection.

During the course of today we will contact other guests that have made bookings and try to establish their intentions, we are also busy investigating ways that we could continue to operate through this crisis and how we can support the most vulnerable in our community.

Tomorrow morning we will brief our team and soon after we will let you know our plans.

This is a fast moving situation which will test us all.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Friday, March 13, 2020
At the Moody Cow we quite understand that you visit us to escape from the news but we thought it would be an appropriate time for us to let you know what action we have been and will be taking.

As you would expect, most of the commonsense advice we are being asked to take is second nature to us and in this respect nothing will change:

Our team are highly trained in food hygiene and the training is updated frequently, we operate to the highest professional standards, hand washing frequently with a commercial antibacterial soap is thorough and frequent, our kitchens and the equipment we use are industry leading and we have always deep cleaned the kitchens after service is finished on Sunday, we always sanitize surfaces and utensils between tasks and we also sanitize all contact surfaces to the dining rooms and public areas routinely throughout service and at the end of each service.

This is pretty much business as usual for us, but there are a number of things we now need to do as well and some of these things may affect our guests.

We will ask you if you, or any of the guests in your party have knowingly had close contact with a person who has returned from an area affected by Coronavirus in the last fourteen days. We will ask you for your contact details even if you didn't reserve a table with us. If you have any symptoms such as fever, persistent dry cough or winter flu like symptoms we would ask you to stay at home, and if you display any of these symptoms we will ask you to leave. We will ensure a minimum of 1M separation between tables and if any of our team need to self-isolate we will have to review the service we can offer our guests.

The well being of our guests and our team is our first priority, we will continue to monitor events closely and take speedy, appropriate action if necessary.

Thank for your support and understanding.

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