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Moody Cow shop essentials

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
We have been in detailed discussions with our suppliers and local growers and Jake Simpson from Chicory Crops and I thought this would be a good time to share our ideas about how community shop essentials will work.

I am sure you will appreciate that this is a learning process for us and as we work through it together we will figure it out, learn from our mistakes and support each other.

The principle is that we use this news channel to publish a list of goods available starting tomorrow at 09.00, you will decide what items and the quantities you would like to order, you will need to do this by 11.00am if you want your order to be ready to collect the following day.

We will email back an order confirmation, this will be subject to the goods you requested being available, please remember to include your telephone number, address including post code and if you would like us to deliver, any other details that will help us to find you. We will follow this up with a phone call and process payment by credit/debit card.We will confirm a five minute pick up slot or schedule a free delivery within a two mile radius if you are unable to collect.

It is important that you collect your order at the time allocated and that you observe current government guidance on social distancing.  Only one customer at a time will be able to collect and we would request that you wait in your car until invited.

The order confirmation and your copy of the card transaction will be placed in an envelope with your order.

The idea is that when you make your next collection you return the box that you used last time so that we can sanitize it for the next use.

The range will be very modest to start with and our suppliers are also dealing with this crisis, so we will only receive deliveries of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy goods on Thursday and Friday, but together I hope that we can keep you supplied with the things you need once a week so that you can play your part in protecting you and others from the spread of the virus and  supporting those near you who don't have access to email or are unable to make card payments over the phone.

If the demand is there we will extend the range of goods to include heat at home dishes, prepared vegetables and of course locally grown fruit and vegetables as they come into season.

Lets work through this together
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