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Moody Cow Shop Essentials list 8th April 2020

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Heat at Home
We will experiment making a limited number of heat at home dishes so that you don't have to bother cooking at all, the idea is that you either pop the meal, in the foil container straight into the oven, or snip the pack and place it in the microwave, if this goes well we are also working on a range of packs that you can pop into a slow cooker too.
You will need to let us know by Monday if you would like us to deliver with your order on Thursday or Friday

Heat at home dish of the week, Murgh Makhani (Butter chicken)  made with skinless chicken thighs, marinated in tumeric,cumin and red chilli and served in a rich aromatic creamy sauce

Freshly baked bread
This week we will be baking bread on Wednesday, you will need to order on Monday
Rustic 400g white bloomer £1.75

Fresh fruit & Vegetables

little gem lettuce £1.55  pack of two
baby leaf spinach 200g £1.94
tomatoes 1kg £3.51
closed cup mushrooms 250g 1.19
iceberg lettuce head £1.32
mixed peppers pack of 3 £2.52
celery head £1.19
potatoes kg £1.19
carrots  kg £1.99
swede head £1.20
parsnips kg £3.05
leeks kg £3.99
large mild spanish onions each £0.75
banana shallots kg £4.00
tender stem broccoli 500g £5.33
green kale 250g £1.87
fine beans 150g £1.99
butternut squash each £2.33
forced rhubarb kg £5.33
satsumas 1kg £3.59
lemons pack of 5 £3.33
garlic head 50p

Dry Goods
Hovis wholemeal medium sliced loaf £1.75
penne rigate pasta 3kg £5.99
porridge oats 3kg £6.74
long grain rice 5kg £9.32
plain flour loose bag 2kg £1.67
tea bags loose bag of 30 £0.53
nescafe instant coffee 1kg £33.31
caster sugar 2kg £2.65
artisan malt vinegar 250ml £5.32
James gourmet coffee 250ml £5.00

Chilled goods
semi skimmed milk 2litre £1.60
salted butter 250g £1.50
mature cheddar cheese 1kg (approx- you try cutting it!) £6.78

toilet rolls 12 x 15m £16.00
Moody Cow "self isolation" note book keep a record of your daily activities, there will be a competition later £4.95
Blue vinyl gloves S/M/L pack of 100 £4.95


Zonin Merlot Veneto 75cl bottle 12% £13.75
Zonin  Mariquita Sauvignon Blanc 75cl 12% £13.75

All items subject to availability.

You can email your order to us at any time, but we will be placing orders with our suppliers on a Wednesday and Thursday for contact less collection or delivery the following day

Orders on a first come first served basis.

So far contact less collection with a ten minute window has worked well, and we can process seven collections in one hour, if you bring your car, open the boot, then create a two meter space and I will pop your order in for you, if you have a box to return for sanitizing I will take this out at the same time. We should have a minute or two for a chat, especially if you are on time, I enjoyed my brief chats today and it is a great opportunity to let me know if there is anything else you would like us to stock and if you need any support.

As new products become available we will update the range.

I know it is not Waitrose, but the last time I went there they didn't load my shopping into the boot!

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