The end of an era

14 July 2021

Posted by: Chris

The end of an era

After ten fantastic years it is with considerable sadness that I have to let you know that Dawn has decided to retire.

Many of you will know that apart from the obvious difficulties that the last sixteen months have created for us all, she has also soldiered on with one or two personal health issues that she will need time out to heal and of course her Mother, who is so precious to us all, would love to enjoy more time with her.

We all wish her well and I am absolutely certain we will see her from time to time, The Moody Cow has been such a significant part of her life she will find it impossible not to pop by and check I am doing my job properly!

In the meantime it is ” business as usual” I will be picking up most of the administrative tasks that Dawn performed.

I am sure you will join me in thanking Dawn for the enormous contribution she has made over the last decade.


Posted by: Chris

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