Allergen factsheet

15 May 2021

Posted by: Chris

Allergen factsheet

If you are ordering from our dine in, takeaway or street food from our chuck wagon and are concerned about allergens here is the information you will need:

When we take your order for food or drinks if you have any concerns about allergens, or other ingredients that you would like to avoid please let us know/


Guinea fowl, black pudding and caramelised apple terrine: Gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide, egg
Chicken Liver Parfait: egg, gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide
Spiced Crab Cakes: gluten,egg, sulphur dioxide,fish, crustaceans,celery
Duck spring rolls: gluten, sulphur dioxide, soy, egg, mustard
Crab Cakes served with tartare sauce: gluten, milk, crustaceans,sulphur dioxide,mustard, fish, egg
Wasabi peanut fillet steak salad with lime & ginger dressing: gluten, sulphur dioxide,nuts,soy, peanut
Buttermilk Chicken Goujons: gluten,egg, milk, nuts,mustard, sodium dioxide
Brie coated in hazelnut breadcrumbs: nuts, gluten,egg,milk
Cheesy polenta fritters: gluten, milk, sulpuhr dioxide,eggs
Parma ham and cheddar cheese croquettes: milk,gluten, mustard, eggs

Welsh rarebit stuffed mushroom: gluten, milk, egg, sulphur dioxide, egg
Fillet of Beef Burger: sulphur dioxide, egg,mustard, gluten
Chicken Supreme stuffed with chicken liver parfait: milk, sulpur dioxide,celery,soya,egg
Chicken supreme stuffed with sausagemeat: gluten, sulphur dioxide, soy, celery, milk
Citrus braised lamb shank: gluten,celery,mustard, milk, sulphur dioxide
Fish & chips: fish,milk, gluten
Salmon fishcakes: gluten, fish, milk, sulphur dioxide, egg

Black bean burger: sulphur dioxide, mustard, gluten, egg

Black Rock Halloumi & mediterranean vegetables: milk, suphur dioxide,mustard

Black Rock sirloin steak: milk, sulphur dioxide,mustard

Black Rock salmon and prawn: fish,crustaceans,mustard,sulphur dioxide,gluten, milk,egg

Black bean burger: sulphur dioxide, gluten, egg,mustard

Fish Pie: milk,egg,fish,sulphur dioxide,mustard, crustaceans
Beef, ale and mushroom casserole: milk,sulphur dioxide, celery, egg, mustard
Mexican chilli topped with cornbread: gluten, sulphur dioxide, egg, milk, celery
Jambalaya: celery, nuts
Sweet potato & lentil dhal: Sesame, sulphur dioxide
Spinach and mushroom dhal: sesame, sulphur dioxide
Lamb faggots: gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide,mustard, celery, egg
Lamb tagine: sulphur dioxide
Pan fried fillet of hake served with salmon fishcake: gluten, milk, crustaceans, sulphur dioxide, fish, celery, egg
Three Cheese Tart: gluten, milk, egg
Barbecue pork Spare Ribs: sulphur dioxide, mustard, soya, gluten, milk
Lamb hotpot: gluten, milk, celery, sodium dioxide, mustard
Beef & ale pie: gluten, milk, celery, sulphur dioxide, mustard, egg
Belly of Pork: sulphur dioxide, celery, mustard, milk, gluten
Chickpea & miso burger: egg, soya,sulphur dioxide

Vegan millionaire’s shortcake: gluten, nuts
Vanilla cheesecake: gluten, milk, sulphur dioxide, egg
Chocolate brownies: gluten, milk, eggs
Sticky toffee pudding: gluten, eggs, milk
Raspberry creme brulee served with shorttbread biscuit: milk, egg, gluten
Coffee and brandy semi freddo with chocolate shapes: Milk, egg
Tiramisu: gluten, egg, milk
Pannacotta with a shortbread biscuit: gluten, sulphur dioxide, milk, nuts, egg
Cherry pannacotta: milk, sulphur dioxide, nuts, gluten, egg

Salted caramel profiteroles: gluten, milk,

BBQ pulled pork: celery, soya, mustard, sulphur dioxide, gluten, milk
Brioche bun: gluten,milk.
Jacket potato: milk
Baked beans and cheese: celery, sulphur dioxide, mustard, milk
Nachos: milk, gluten, celery, sulphur dioxide, mustard

Beetroot and chickpea burger: sulphur dioxide, egg, mustard, gluten

Mediterranean chicken breast, sulphur dioxide, egg, mustard, gluten

Quarter pound beefburger: sulphur dioxide, egg, mustard, gluten


Posted by: Chris

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